Retain a Professional Fundraising Partner

Our services are custom-priced, depending on a client's needs.  We offer three levels of service:  Consulting Partners, Fundraising Partners or Philanthropic Partners.

Consulting Partner

As a Consulting Partner, you get the benefit of all of Parker Benefit Auctions, Parker Fundraising Services, and the BAM (Benefit Auction Management) Team's experience, knowledge and expertise.  As your Consulting Partner, we provide advice to you about the transactional nature of your fundraising event. 

If it can be done over the phone, in person, or by computer meeting, it can be part of your Consulting Partner package.  Parker Benefits can help plan your event, perfect your schedule and "show flow," teach you how to divide your silent and live packages, set up your check-in and check-out, conduct Greater Giving software training, and conduct volunteer training. 

If you need someone with Parker Fundraising Services' experience to talk through your great ideas, improve your silent auction bid sheets, help walk you through the event, and plan or evaluate your sponsorships, then this may be the best package for you.


Fundraising Partner

In addition to consultation, Fundraising Partners get the benefit of Parker Benefit Auction performance, where we put our boots on the ground to help you raise money and run your event.  

Benefit Auction Events:

Licensed Fundraising Auctioneers

Assistant Auctioneers and Clerks

Silent Auction, Game and Floor Management

FAB Rescue Trailer

Professional Sound System

PowerPoint and Audio Visual Assistance

Fund-a-Need Only Events

Casino Nights, DWTS, Golf Tournaments and MORE:

Professional Fundraising Ambassadors

Experts in Fund-a-Need Appeals

Emcees, Speakers

We keep your event on time!

We promote your Mission and educate your guests!

We recognize your Sponsors!

Don't gamble on your fundraising - keep the odds in your favor with Parker Fundraising Services. 

Benefit Auction (and Event) Management:

Guest Service Specialists!

Registration, Checkout and Payment Assistance!

Greater Giving donor software training and expert assistance!

Computers, Printers, Hotspots to manage guests!

Venue visits for floorplanning!


People remember the first and the last thing they see. Our BAM team of Guest Service Specialists can bring order from chaos and turn your registration, checkout and payment collection into a thing of envy for other non-profits. A PBA event can easily generate between 600 to 800 "sales" in 3.5 hours. The BAM team is experienced in managing this volume and seeing guests leave with a smile! Their record? 800 sales in 3.5 hours with 300 guests checked out in 18 minutes. If this is the kind of performance your event needs, then you need BAM!

FAB (Fundraising Auction Benefit) Rescue Trailer

PBA's exclusive enclosed trailer filled with nearly everything you need to make an event run smoothly.  On board you will find prize buckets, signs, office supplies, a copier, professional sound system, PPT equipment, tables, tablecloths, game kits, game supplies, tickets, necklaces, and more.  If your event is missing something, chances are Parker Benefits has it.

Event Evaluation

Not ready for the full Parker Benefit Experience?  Consider an Event Evaluation.  A PBA professional will attend your event and evaluation it to make recommendations for next year, including a verbal report to the board about best practices and changes that will improve revenue and guest satisfaction.  

Board Training and Coaching

Whether PBA is handling your event or not, sometimes your board just needs a shot in the arm.  Arrange a PBA Seminar or Board Training to motivate your board to new heights!  After all, that is what partners do - help each other! 

Philanthropic Partner

A Philanthropic Partner is the most in-depth and long term relationship we offer.  A Philanthropic Partner focuses on fundraising beyond the gala.  Parker Fundraising Services does not view your event as the end of journey but the beginning.  As you Philanthropic Partner, we seek to use your event as a "Donor Portal" that brings new donors into your fold and then we work to make them repeat, long-term donors who are committed to your mission - not just your event.  

How does your event factor into your strategic donor cultivation plan?

How do you plan to avoid losing 90% of your donors in the five years after their first donation? 

What is your "Gratitude Plan" and why is it important?

How do you develop an audience that will give and keep giving for years to come?

If these are the questions that keep you up at night, then you need a Philanthropic Partner.  You need Parker Fundraising Services.  .