Experience a Parker Benefit Auction!

Parker Fundraising Services offers a special fundraising auction division: Parker Benefit Auctions ("PBA").  See how Parker Benefits can benefit you!

Benefit Auction Event Floor Services


Parker Fundraising Auctioneers are Benefit Auction Specialists

When you hear "Auctioneer," most people think of live auctions. While Michael Parker, with 30+ years of experience, excels at live auctions, Parker Fundraising Services is much more! Commercial auctioneers raise more money in a live auction than a local celebrity or amateur, but studies show Benefit Auctioneer Specialists (BAS) raise twice as much as commercial auctioneers in benefit auctions.

BAS Auctioneers study the most recent research and fundraising trends – not just in the live auction, but in special appeals, silent auctions, fundraising games, and sponsorships too. At Parker Fundraising Services, we study every facet of a charity event to identify all possible sources of revenue. Once these sources are identified, we work to maximize your fundraising efforts in every one of them. Whether it is sponsorships, admissions, games, silent auctions, or live auctions, Parker Fundraising Services uses every minute of your event to raise the most funds possible. 

                     Now that is a great Parker Benefit!

Live Auction Floor Services

Live Auction

Whether you are in Wilmington, Raleigh, Charlotte, Greenville, Asheville, Columbia or parts in between, live auctions add fun and excitement to a fundraising event! But with Parker Fundraising Services, you get more than just auctioneers - you get Benefit Auction Specialists (BAS). A BAS is a special designation awarded only to specially-trained National Auctioneers Association members. Whether managing silent auctions, special appeals, live auctions, or games, BAS auctioneers maximize fundraising on the event floor.

Commercial Auctioneers move things through auctions, but BAS auctioneers move people to your mission! BAS auctioneers remind the audience that this is not the type of auction where they should be concerned about getting a deal. Rather, it is a fundraiser - where they should be concerned with how much they can give! 

                    BAS auctioneers don't cost, they pay. 


Silent Auction Floor Services


Silent Auctions

Does your auctioneer show up to the event, eat a plate of barbeque, call your live auction, and go home? Not Parker Benefit Auctioneers! Our professional Floor Staff (called Assistant Auctioneers) work your event from the time the doors open until they close. Always moving, PBA staff work our special "Not So Silent Auction" by promoting your packages, interviewing donors and sponsors, alerting guests to packages that are low-performing and boosting momentum during the special appeal. Wow! That is what real fundraising auctioneers do to help their clients!

Announce Low Performing Packages

Having trouble selling all your Silent Auction packages? Parker Fundraising Services offer silent auction games, live auction games, and special appeal games to encourage guest bidding. Most of these games require no ticket sales - PBA will handle it. When it comes to Event Floor Services – our fundraising auctioneers add Parker Benefits to your benefit auction!

Tap and Close Silent Auctions

Are you sick of closing your silent auctions? Then stop doing it. PBA's Auctioneers handle more than just the live auction and the special appeal. Parker Fundraising Auctioneers monitor your silent auctions using our “Not so Silent Auction” method. Our unique "Tap and Close" method allows guests to bid up to the last second of the silent auction! Talk about  a true benefit auction - that's a Parker Benefit you can write home about!

Mobile Bidding?

No worries, PBA will promote and work those packages too!

Special Appeal Floor Services

Special Appeals

At a benefit auction, a fundraising auctioneer knows that the Special Appeal, the Fund-a-Need, or the Mission Moment - are ways for guests to connect with your mission by donating to a special cause. Unlike a live auction or even a silent auction, the goal of a special appeal is to get 100% participation from guests and allow each guest to give an amount meaningful to them. 

A retired homicide prosecutor, Michael Parker has over 30 years of experience advocating for the victims of crime in courtrooms across North Carolina. As a BAS, Michael has 10 years’ experience advocating in ballrooms across North Carolina. A special appeal is about the story you can tell and the need you can convey - all things trial lawyers and BAS auctioneers are trained to do. Don't your guests, your community, and your clients deserve the best? Then you definitely need Parker Benefits. 


Fundraising Game Floor Services


What can fundraising auctioneers do for you?

PBA Fundraising Auctioneers not only conduct the live benefit auction and special appeals - they also promote game sales and conduct volunteer training before the doors open. During the event, Assistant Auctioneers monitor volunteer game sellers, collect silent auction and game sale sheets, and deliver the sale sheets to Guest Services so guests can be properly billed. Remember, at PBA it’s about service, and we are more than just auctioneers!

What are they saying about Parker Benefit Auctions?


"Thank you again for a wonderful, successful event!  We surpassed our goals, and everyone had a fun night - what more could we ask for?" - Auction Chair for Morganton Day School 

"We thank you for the work that you put into the event! Thank you for your passion to help us make money for our organization and for working with us.  Matthew [was] great!  ALL but one live auction item well exceeded its value!!!  Thank you for working with us on the fund a need [the special appeal] and dessert dash and rolling with the changes!  We did well tonight!"  -  Gena, Smart Start Executive Director