Consulting, Training and Coaching



"You are a really great auctioneer, but your real value to me is in your fundraising knowledge."  - Sari

Parker Fundraising Services is a licensed fundraising consultant in North Carolina and staffs three Benefit Auction Specialists with over 35 years of experience. We consult with clients 6-12 months before their event to assure they make the best use of their time, talents, and resources and use the seven revenue streams of event fundraising to maximum effect.  

At Parker Fundraising Services, we solve fundraising and event problems.  If you have a problem, we have probably solved it for someone else - that is why clients rave about our consultations!     


Board Training

Charity events often rise and fall on the dedication and commitment of the board. But many board members don't like to solicit donations or sponsorships and need help identifying great sale packages. We conduct interactive nonprofit trainings that help board members overcome their fears and learn their own importance to the event. No matter where you are located, Parker Fundraising Services can improve your bottom line! Now that is a BIG Parker Benefit!


Greater Giving Training

One of the top Guest Service Professionals in the industry, Carol Parker has taught fundraising seminars nationally on managing guest services during charity events. Carol is available to conduct nonprofit training to help your charity get the most out of event software. Whether you are in Raleigh, Charlotte, Wilmington, Columbia or somewhere in between in North or South Carolina, we can conduct training in person or online!


Volunteer Training

Our fundraising auctioneers conduct nonprofit training for your volunteers on what to expect when the doors open, how the event will flow, how the games work, and how to sell the games. Our auctioneers remind your volunteers that the focus is on the charity’s mission, the fundraising, and a positive guest experience. For our clients, this is just another Parker Benefit!



Need to motivate your charity's board? Your employees? Your sales staff? Need a nonprofit training? A coaching session or a fundraising seminar? Michael Parker can help! 

In fact, his presentations are so powerful that he has been asked to donate a coaching session as a live auction package at one of Parker Fundraising Services' clients' benefit auctions - yes, he's that good! Better contact Parker Fundraising Services now to get your session scheduled!

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Sponsorships, Admissions and Marketing

Do you know the seven revenue streams a Benefit Auction Event can produce?  Are you maximizing them?  Consulting with a Parker Benefit Consultant and Auctioneer can ramp up any organization's fundraising.


Sponsorships can account for a significant amount of event revenue.  Do you know who to ask?  Do you know where to start?  What amounts should you request?  What benefits will the sponsors receive?  How can you promote your sponsor during your event?  How can your sponsors promote your event?  Are you giving away too many tickets with your sponsorships? 


What considerations go into ticket prices?  Do you know how much to charge?  Do you know how many tickets to sell?  What should your tickets look like?  How soon should you advertise the event?  Do you know who to invite to maximize your revenue?  Benefit Auctioneer Specialists know that audiences are developed, not invited.  


Auctioneers are marketing specialists.  Benefit Auctioneer Specialists know how to market your event and your cause.  

What are the most important aspects of your event to market?  How should you market the event?  When should you begin the marketing?  How can you market the event in the most cost-effective manner?  Parker Benefit Auctions can help you develop a marketing strategy that will bring your event success!  

Parker Benefit Auctions has the experience and training to answer these questions and take your event to the next level.  Contact us today for more information!



Helping Non-Profits Raise More in their . . .

Live Auction

Live auctions add fun and excitement to an event, but do you know which live auctions packages sell best at live auction?  Do you know what time to hold the live auction to raise the most money?  Do you know how many live packages you should offer?  Do you know how to display and market the live packages?  Do you have the right sound system?  Do you have the right lighting?  Do you have the right floor plan?  Do you know where the auctioneer should stand?  Does the order of the sale packages affect your bottom line?  Parker Benefit Auctioneers know.  After all - we have 35+ years of experience and we are happy to share it with you!  


Helping Non-Profits Raise More in their . . .

Silent Auctions

Silent auctions are a fun way to involve your guests - but they are a lot of work.  Are you making all you can on your silent auction?  Do you know the best way to display your silent auction packages?  Do you know the best packages for the silent auction?  Do you know where to find them?  How many silent packages do your need?  When should they close?  How should your bid sheet look?  Does it matter?  What bid increments should you use?  What does the research say about how many bids you should expect per package?  Do you know how to get the best bids on your packages?  Is mobile bidding right for you?  Can mobile bidding increase your bottom line?  How many silent auction sections should you have? Do you know the best time to close the silent auction?  Parker Benefit Auctioneers can answer all these questions and more through our fundraising consulting!


Helping Non-Profits Raise More in their . . .


Games are fun interactive revenue enhancers that use raffles, giveaways and guest participation to create excitement and add thousands to your bottom line!  Which games are best for your event?  What are the best prizes?  How are games organized?  Parker Benefit Auctions specializes in unique games that spice up your event - and we tailor them to your theme and needs!   Explore our Fundraising Store to find games to liven up your event, and use our consulting services to pick the right games for your location and theme!


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Special Appeals

Special Appeals, Fund-a-Needs, Mission Moments - regardless of what you call them, they are the best part of a Benefit Auction Event.  They provide an opportunity for all guests to contribute to the fundraising.  Benefit Auctioneer Specialists are trained in making a moving appeal that highlights an organization's needs and encourages guests to show their support with monetary contributions.  A well-presented appeal can often eclipse live auction and silent auction revenue.

What should you ask your guests to fund?  When should the appeal be made?  Who should make the appeal?  How should the appeal be presented?  Parker Benefits knows how to communicate your mission and move your guests to open their wallets for your cause.   Consulting with a professional will maximize your fundraising.  


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Silent Auction, Live Auction, Sealed Bids or Game Prizes

Do you know the best way to offer sale packages at your event?  Does it matter?  Different packages require different techniques to realize their greatest value.  Live auctions are excellent for moving many packages - but not all packages are the right fit for a live auction.  Is there a better way to move nice packages that have limited appeal?  Parker Benefit Auctioneers know how to divide your packages to achieve fundraising success, and our consulting offers innovative and creative sale options.  


Helping Non-Profits Raise More in their . . .

Show Flow and Logistics

A great benefit auction event creates a guest experience that draws guests back year after year.  An event can offer a stunning venue, great packages, fine food, free drinks and wonderful fellowship and be derailed by poor "show flow" and poor logistical planning.  Parker Benefit Auctioneers know fundraising - no matter whether you are located in Asheville, Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Greenville, Fayetteville, Pinehurst, Wilmington, Columbia, Charleston, or somewhere in between.

What is the biggest complaint guests have about benefit events?  How do you fix it?  How do you get more guests bidding?  How do you organize the games, silent auctions, special appeals, and the live auction to have a seamless positive guest experience? Where should the silent auction be set up?  Does the floorplan affect your bottom line?  Do you know the best floorplan for your event?  Do you know the best order of the event?   If you can't answer these questions, then you may need logistical advice on setting up your fundraiser.  Are you having a problem at your event?  Parker Benefit Auctions can fix it.  At Parker Benefit Auctions, we solve your problems!


Helping Non-Profits Raise More in their . . .

Guest Experience

A positive guest experience builds goodwill and relationships that will pay dividends for years to come - are you creating a guest experience that guests will bring guests back next year?  What is the first thing guests experience when they arrive at your event?  What is the last thing they will remember?  Is it convenient for them to settle up their account and leave?  Do they get a receipt in a timely manner?  What are they saying about the event in the community?  If this is a problem for you, Parker Benefit Auctions offers experienced Benefit Event Managers through our Benefit Auction Management team.  

Remember: most organizations hold one event per year, but we have done hundreds from Wilmington to Raleigh to Charlotte and beyond.  Chances are high that we have encountered every problem you have - and solved it.