BAM! Benefit Auction Management



People remember the first and the last thing they encounter. Check-in is the first thing a guest sees and checkout is the last thing they experience. You can have a great event, with great food, great messaging, great packages and a great auctioneer but a bad guest experience at check-in or checkout can ruin all that good will. Creating good will and ensuring a smooth and efficient checkout was the inspiration behind creating our Benefit Auction Management Team. Our BAM team focuses on the guest experience – which translates into greater giving. 


Our professional Benefit Auction Management team offers your guests the best event experience possible. The BAM Team wants your guests talking about how great the event was and how much they want to come back next year – in short – we want you to look good!

Guest Services

  Your BAM team operates Guest Services, the area that tracks game sales, live and silent auction sales and Fund-a-Need donations. Guest Services also serves as the check-in and checkout area. Our benefit auction management professionals register guests and process guests' payments, freeing your staff to host and entertain your guests. Our professionals process guests quickly, distribute certificates and assure an efficient and positive guest experience. 

Remember, you do this once a year, we do it dozens of times a year.  Our record? 800 sales entered into Greater Giving in three hours and 300 guests processed out in 18 minutes - how efficient is your checkout?

Event Software

 BAM professionals are trained in using Greater Giving software to manage your event and checkout. Our benefit auction management system ensures that following the event, you will be presented with reports showing sale prices, total sales, sale to value ratio, fund-a-need totals, live auction totals, silent auction totals, sale percentages and donation amounts. Using these reports, you can begin to personally thank your donors and improve your event for next year.

Training for Better Auction Management

Your Benefit Event Manager offers training in getting the most out of Greater Giving and assists you in preparing for your event through seat allocation, item entry, package conversion, proper numbering, silent auction bid sheet preparation, invoice preparation and more. 

Ready to get started?    


Your Benefit Event Manager offers consulting advice and encouragement to help you prepare for your event.  Our goal?  To make you look good!  

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