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Parker Auctions is the Commercial Division of Parker Benefit Auctions.  Explore our history and our services below. Topics include our history, our awards and the community of professionals we draw upon.  When you are ready for a business liquidation or you are ready to make the decision to sell your property the auction way, hit the contact button and ask to set up your initial consultation! Our auction services can only benefit you.

A Family of Auction Professionals


Three Generations of Auctioneers

There has been a Parker conducting auctions since 1946.  Beginning with AB Parker a licensed auctioneer who was licensed in 1946, Michael Parker who was licensed in 1982 and Matthew Parker who was licensed in 2016.  Parker Auctions is the commercial division of Parker Benefit Auctions and we offer a full line of commercial auction services including property and liquidation sales.  

AB Parker, NCAL 53

AB Parker was an active Auctioneer from 1946-2000.  In fact, he was the 53rd auctioneer licensed in North Carolina when the auctioneer licensing law was enacted in the 1970s.  AB began work as a tobacco auctioneer, working the markets from Bedford, Virginia to Quitman, Georgia and he opened the Sparta, Tennessee Markets in 1956.  In the photo to the left, AB is auctioning dewberries at the Cameron Dewberry Market in the 1950s.  During his career, AB sold millions of dollars worth of real and personal property and conducted business liquidations from Wilmington to Charlotte and in between.

Michael Parker, NCAL 2714

Michael Parker is an active Auctioneer who was licensed in 1982. Michael began work with AB Parker & Son Auctioneers and then Parker Auction and Realty Service (PARS) selling real and personal property and doing business liquidations. Michael put himself through college and law school and his wife through graduate school conducting auctions. Michael and Carol have operated Parker Benefit Auctions (NCAL 9902) since 2011 and both Michael and Carol hold the prestigious Benefit Auction Specialist designation from the National Auctioneers Association. He currently serves Wilmington, Raleigh, Charlotte, and all the other cities in between. 

Matthew Parker, NCAL 9883, SCAL 4651

Matthew Parker is an active Auctioneer who was licensed in North Carolina in 2016 and is the first Parker Auctioneer to be licensed in South Carolina.  Matthew is a 2018 graduate of NC State University in Bio Ag Engineering and is currently in Campbell Law School in Raleigh.  Matthew holds the prestigious Benefit Auction Specialist designation from the National Auctioneers Association.  Matthew is proud to say he is a fourth generation farmer, a third generation auctioneer, a second generation lawyer (2021) and a first generation engineer.  With that background, Matthew has never met a personal property or business liquidation auction he couldn't conduct.

Carol Parker

Carol Parker is Michael's wife and Matthew and Garin's mother.  She is a Senior Event Manager for Parker Benefit Auctions and holds the prestigious Benefit Auction Specialist designation from the National Auctioneer's Association.  Carol was the Broker in Charge of Parker Auction and Realty Service in the 1980s and has been working with our auction services since 1984, helping handle liquidations of personal, business and real property.  

Garin Parker

Garin Parker is the youngest son of Michael and Carol.  Garin is learning to work the auction ring.  At 6'3" tall, Garin's commanding height gives him an advantage on the auction floor as an auctioneer. Garin handles the powerpoints, audio visuals, music and sound programs for Parker Auctions.  

Auction Excellence

Award Winning Auctioneer

Matthew Parker was the 2016 NC Rookie Auction Champion in North Carolina and has competed on the big stage of the International Auction Championship at the National Auctioneers Association's Conference and Show every year since 2016.  


The Sound that Sells

Matthew Parker Competing in the Auctioneer's Association of North Carolina Grand Champion contest.

Our Community of Professionals

Parker Auctions and Parker Benefit Auctions run with a good crowd!  Checkout our partners!

A Community of Professionals


National Auctioneers Association

A community of the best auctioneers in the nation. NAA members take their professions seriously and stay current on the most recent research and best practices.   


Benefit Auctioneer Specialist

Benefit Auction Specialists are specially trained NAA members who have earned this elite designation.  Considering that there are less than 300 BAS auctioneers in the United States, the fact that Parker Auctions has three of them is a big deal!  And we are ready to help you reach your fundraising goals. 


Auctioneer's Association of North Carolina

Michael and Matthew Parker are both members of this professional North Carolina organization. The AANC meets twice a year for continuing education and to keep current with local trends. They are both a great help to our auction services.