Online Auctions

One of the greatest trends in the auction industry are online auctions!  Parker Auctions offers this option to our commercial and our non-profit clients at affordable pricing.  

Commercial Online Auctions

An Auction with a National Audience?

For many auctioneers, the computer has taken the place of the microphone.  At Parker Auctions we use our partner, APRO.BID, to offer a competitive online sale platform to sell your property.  

There are several advantages to online auctions, such as offering a wider audience for your assets, cutting down traffic to your property and showcasing your assets to a more diverse clientele.  But, like all great advances, there are drawbacks..   

Online auctions are not right for every client or asset. For example, online sales take more pre-sale set up and may take longer to prep than a live auction.  Additionally, how will you handle pickup?  Will you require local pickup only or offer shipping?  Do you really want to ship your sofa to Texas?  Be sure to discuss the pros and cons with your NAA Auction Professional.  


Benefit Auctions online

Nascar Hall of Fame Dream Package

The Seventh Stream

There are seven streams of revenue for a Benefit Auction Event.  Online Auctions are the seventh and the newest stream!

Your One Stop Shop

Online Auctions are not right for every non-profit - but if it is right for you, then Parker Benefits Auctions is your one stop shop!  

To Sell Online or Live - that is the question

Are your supporters nationally or internationally distributed?  Do you have more donations than you can sell in one night?  Will you have more guests than can reach your silent auction displays?  These are just some of the questions your BAS consultant will help you unravel for your online auction. 

Once you decide to sell Online . . .

Parker Benefits works with you to package, lot, describe and photograph your packages, then we put it online for you, set the bid amounts and wait for the online sales to roll in!  

When in doubt - call a Professional

Online Auctions are the latest hot topic for non-profits - don't let it become a hot mess for you - partner with a professional - call Parker Benefit Auctions!