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Wednesday 3/18/2020 POSTPONED

Fayetteville Workshop - POSTPONED

1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Volta Space 114 Otis F. Jones Parkway, Fayetteville, NC

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Wednesday 3/18/2020 POSTPONED

Fayetteville Workshop - POSTPONED

Meet your Goals with Seven Super Revenue Stream

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Mark your calendars for March 18: 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm at the Volta Space in down...

Event Details

1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Volta Space 114 Otis F. Jones Parkway, Fayetteville, NC

Want to host a Fundraising Seminar?


Michael and Carol Parker are nationally recognized experts in nonprofit fundraising and benefit auctions! Together they have created these Super Fundraising Seminars and workshops to help nonprofits, charities and schools raise more! 

Want to host a fundraising seminar with Parker Fundraising Services?  Its easy!  Read how to host a seminar below and then contact Parker Fundraising Services, the fundraising idea specialist, and let's get started today!

How do you Host a Workshop?


We Teach!

Parker Fundraising Services offers world-class instruction on a host of fundraising topics.  Parker Fundraising Services regularly presents at conferences including the National Auctioneers Association's Conference & Show, the Auctioneers Association of North Carolina's winter and summer conventions, and the National Smart Start Conference.


You Host!

You can host a fundraising seminar by providing a location and refreshments.  Invite your favorite nonprofits, schools, and charities - then sit back and take credit for bringing a great program and fundraising ideas to your community!


Greater Giving Promotes the Event

Parker Fundraising Services' technology partner, Greater Giving, is a nationally-recognized software company in benefit auctions and nonprofit fundraising.  Greater Giving supports our fundraising seminars with online marketing, registration, and materials that make us all look good!


Nonprofits Benefit!

Local nonprofits attend and take home powerful new, hot, and fresh fundraising ideas and information to propel their benefit auction or fundraising event to new heights. Together, we can better serve our communities!


We all WIN!!

It is a win-win for everyone!!  Pick the fundraising seminar you like best, then contact Parker Fundraising Services, the fundraising specialists, and we will get started!  Together, we can make a difference in your benefit auction and give you fundraising ideas that can change lives!

Choose your Super Fundraising Seminar!


One Super Fundraising Strategy: The Single Most Important Thing in Event Fundraising

There are LOTS of important things in benefit auctions and event fundraising, but this is the ONE that constantly causes the most problems.  In this fundraising seminar you will learn the hottest ways to prepare your guests to donate, bid and give at your event - including how to develop the best audience and how to market the event to get the most out of your guests.  With these fundraising ideas, you will no  longer want to play "hide the ball" in your fundraising mission!  


Two Super Sponsorship Rewards: What Sponsors Really Want!

Sponsorships are a major revenue stream for benefit auctions and fundraising events - but do you know what really motivates sponsors?  This fundraising seminar focuses on the latest donor-based research about what sponsors really want!  Parker Fundraising Services will help you learn how YOUR actions impact donor giving.  You will learn more than just fundraising ideas: you will learn the newest ways to cultivate repeat donors, how to demonstrate the difference your donors make, and how to make sponsors feel truly appreciated.


Three Super Keys to successful Non-Alcohol Events

Yes, you can hold a successful fundraiser without serving alcohol!  Parker Fundraising Services has spent more than ten years helping nonprofits raise more money - and many of our clients have done it without alcohol!  Parker Fundraising Services will share tried and true fundraising ideas in this fundraising seminar to help you identify the techniques you need to raise more without alcohol!  


Four Super Benefits of Benefits: Fundraising Beyond the Gala

Fundraising events, galas, and benefit auctions are about much more than just what happens on event night.  Attend this seminar to learn how to capitalize on your fundraising event to leverage your donor engagement into generosity and advocacy for your organization throughout the year!


Beyond Cash Sponsors: Five Super Sponsorship Opportunities

Are you getting the most out of your sponsorships?  Broaden your understanding of sponsorships during this fundraising seminar by exploring these five hot sponsorship opportunities with Parker Fundraising Services!  You will learn five new fundraising ideas, BEYOND CASH, to bring sponsors to your benefit auction or fundraising event and elevate your event to the next level!


Six Super Auction Item Ideas

Tired of the same old gift certificates and bird houses at your benefit auction or fundraising event?  Ready for some hot new fundraising ideas?  In this fundraising seminar, you will:  learn the six auction package categories AND their order of popularity with event guests!  Learn the law of consignments - the good, the bad and the ugly - and where to find them!  Learn what sells best, what sells worst, and then participate in a brainstorming session with Parker Fundraising Services to identify fundraising ideas that will breathe new life into your gala! 


Meeting your Goals with Seven Super Revenue Streams

This popular fundraising seminar helps nonprofits, charities and schools set and meet their fundraising goals.  Learn how to "Do the Math" to figure out how to set goals you can meet at your event.  But goals aren't worth the paper they are written on if you can't meet them.  Benefit Auction Specialists are trained to maximize every available revenue stream and inject new fundraising ideas into your event.  That's why Parker Fundraising Services will take you through the Seven Super Revenue Streams that will bring revenue to your nonprofit and help you reach your goal!


Eight Super Silent Auction Best Practices

Managing a silent auction takes a lot of work - but a recent study found that guests enjoy the silent auction more than any other revenue stream. Learn great new fundraising ideas for your benefit auction from our experts in this fundraising seminar which focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of mobile versus paper bidding and discusses eight best practices that can rocket your silent auction to success!  


Nine Super Fund-a-Need Strategies

Fund-a-Need, Special Appeal, Mission Moment - no matter what you call it, this is often the heart of your benefit auction or fundraising event.  But sometimes guests just don't get it.  This fundraising seminar explores nine hot strategies that will take your "ask" to new heights, including fundraising ideas such as sweeps, the last hero, favors, matches, fishing, and the appeal!  


Ten Super Fundraising Events: Evaluating your Fundraiser

A benefit auction or a dance is not right for every nonprofit.  How do you determine what is right for you?  How do you evaluate the success of your event?  Join Parker Fundraising Services in this fundraising seminar as we evaluate ten different events through the eyes of the seven revenue streams.  Events discussed will include dances, Casino Nights, Paddle Raises, Cocktail Parties, Benefit Auction Events, Online Auctions, Golf Tournaments, Runs, and Tasting Events.  Plus, we'll build in time to discuss YOUR event!  What new fundraising ideas will you take home!?


Eleven Super Questions to Ask your Fundraising Auctioneer

Anyone can read a book about brain surgery, but when it comes time to operate on your child, you'll want a professional.  The same is true of fundraising and benefit auctions. You can study all the fundraising ideas and techniques, but when it comes to applying them at your event, you ought to consider a professional.  But how do you pick the best?  Ask Parker Fundraising Services!  This fundraising seminar discusses fundraising, auction training, and fundraising consulting and gives you eleven questions to help find your best fundraising partner and ambassador for your nonprofit.


Twelve Super FUNdraising Games

Games can add fun, excitement, audience participation and revenue to your benefit auction or fundraising event.  Parker Fundraising Services specializes in games and game kits, so join them for this super fundraising seminar to learn twelve great revenue enhancers and fundraising ideas for your event.  Learn where to find game kits, instructions and directions.  Learn the logistics of record keeping and recording sales.  Learn about fundraising management software like Greater Giving that promotes a smooth event and heightens your guests' enjoyment.  



A nationally recognized speaker and frequently rated top presenter, Michael Parker has conducted nonprofit training and fundraising seminars like Maximizing Sponsorships during the 2019 National Smart Start Conference in Greensboro.


What did those students say?

"This needs to be a featured session in future conferences. Should have 2 or 3 hours at least. He did an AWESOME job. Was easy to understand. And this is a topic that all partnerships have to do to comply with NCPC regulations. Thank you"


"Very informative!! Would love to have a part 2!!" 

"Great session!" 


Q: Compared to what you knew before the conference, to what degree did this session increase your knowledge of the topic covered?

A: 100% of respondents answered "A Lot"!