Event Training


Board Training

Charity Events often rise and fall on the dedication and commitment of the Board.  But many board members don't like to solicit donations or sponsorships, and need help identifying great sale packages.  PBA conducts interactive non profit trainings that help Board members overcome their fears and learn their importance to the event.  No matter where you are - Wilmington, Raleigh, Charlotte or Columbia, Parker Benefits offers fundraising seminars can improve your bottom line!  Now that is a BIG Parker Benefit!.


Greater Giving Training

One of the top Guest Service Professionals in the industry, Carol Parker has taught fundraising seminars nationally on managing guest services during charity events. Carol is now available to conduct non profit training to help your charity get them most out of their event software. Whether you are in Raleigh, Charlotte, Wilmington, Columbia or the backwoods of North or South Carolina, PBA can conduct fundraising seminars in person or online!  Wow - what a Parker Benefit!


Volunteer Training

PBA Auctioneers conduct non profit training for your volunteers on what to expect when the doors open, how the event will flow, how the games work and how to sell the games. PBA Auctioneers remind you that the focus is on the charity’s mission, the fundraising and a positive guest experience – yep, that is another Parker Benefit!



Need to motivate your charity board? Your employees? Your sales staff? Need a non profit training? A coaching session or a fundraising seminar? Michael can help! 

In fact, his presentations are so powerful that he has been asked to donate a coaching session as a non-profit auction package - yeah, he's that good! Better contact PBA now to get your session scheduled!

Fundraising Seminars


Maximizing Sponsorships

Sponsorships are one of the main revenue sources of the charity gala - are you leveraging them to get the best return for your non-profit? This fundraising seminar explores all the ways you can maximize your sponsorships!  It doesn’t matter whether you are in Wilmington, Raleigh, Charlotte, Columbia or in between, non profit training on sponsorships is a real Parker Benefit!

Solving Silent Auction Problems

You put a lot of work into your Silent Auctions - are you getting the most out of your effort? Learn how Parker Benefits helped a client take their silent auction from an $8,000 drag to a $22,000 shining star! This fundraising seminar explores common problems in charity silent auctions.

Seven Revenue Streams of a Benefit Event

You know there are seven possible revenue streams for charity fundraising events, right? If not, you need this non profit training and you better schedule this fundraising seminar!

3 Keys to Successful Non-Alcoholic Benefit Events

Is alcohol required for a successful charity fundraiser? Serving alcohol during a charity event is common in big cities like Charlotte, Raleigh, Wilmington, Fayetteville, Columbia and Greenville, but Parker Benefit Auctions works with many small and rural non-profits where alcohol is simply not an option. During this fundraising seminar, learn how some of our non-alcohol events outperform our alcohol events!


A nationally recognized speaker and frequently rated top presenter, Michael Parker has conducted non profit training and fundraising seminars like Maximizing Sponsorships during the 2019 National Smart Start Conference in Greensboro.

What did those students say?


"This needs to be a featured session in future conferences.  Should have 2 or 3 hours at least. He did an AWESOME job. Was easy to understand.  And this is a topic that all partnerships have to do to comply with NCPC regulations. Thank you"

"Very informative!! Would love to have a part 2!!"        


"Great session!" 

Compared to what you knew before the conference, to what degree did this session increase your knowledge of the topic covered?  100% of respondents answered "A Lot"