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Parker Fundraising Services is a full service firm featuring Fundraising Auctioneers, Guest Service Professionals, Consulting, Training, Fundraising Seminars and Benefit Auction Products.  Are you ready to raise more for your non-profit?  See how Parker Benefits can help you!

What are Parker Benefits?

 "My husband and I have been to many auction fundraisers, but this one was different with the various games, which made the bidding process fun. We are telling our friends about it so they can make plans to join us next year."

- a satisfied guest describing Parker Benefits!

Parker Benefits: Auctions, Fundraisers, Advice, Training

Parker Benefit Auction Services


Parker Auctions are known for our floor services.  Our Benefit Auction Specialists and Assistant Auctioneers manage games, silent auctions, live auction and special appeals. on the gala floor!  Tired of trying to close the silent auctions and keep everything on time - yeah we can fix that.  

Fund-a-Need Only Events

Whether black tie or black hat, Parker Fundraising Ambassadors can raise you more!

Don't need an auctioneer?  Doing a small donor event?  Doing a fund-a-need only event without an auction?  Parker Fundraising Services offers great ambassadors for your charity.  Don't risk it, opt for a professional who can make that all important appeal!  

Other Fundraisers

A Parker Fundraising Auctioneer working an art sale and tasting event.

Casino Nights, Dancing with the Stars, Golf Tournaments, Dances, Runs, Tasting Events, Online Auctions, Cocktail Parties and more!  Yes, Parker Fundraising Services has experience with all these - from consulting to emceeing and keynote speeches, we can help you raise more!

Benefit Auction Management


Guest Management, Guest Service  Specialists, Live Auction Clerks, Computers, Printers, Hot Spots, no matter what your need Parker's BAM team offers all the tools to provide a truly memorable and smooth guest experience. 



Our Benefit Auction Specialists study fundraising best practices and track current trends to advise you on how to take your event to the next level.  Whether implementing the 7 revenue streams or maximizing sponsorships - take it from the experts - you can raise more!

Training and Coaching


Our Benefit Auction Specialists offer in person, online and GoToMeeting Board Training, Volunteer Training, Greater Giving training, Coaching and Seminars for Non-Profits to improve sponsorships, silent auctions and more!

Auction and Fundraising Products


Visit the www.ParkerBenefits.com Store to see the latest fundraising products to add ease, fun and revenue to your event!

Partner Pricing Plans


Benefit Auction Specialists don't cost - they pay.  Retaining a world class fundraising ambassador and licensed consultant is an investment in your organization that will pay dividends for years to come.  But best of all, our Partner Pricing Plans can be customized to meet any budget.  

Frequently Asked Questions


Non-Profits have questions, Parker Auctions has answers. Checkout our most frequently asked questions.