Fundraising Ambassadors handle

Fund-a-Need Only . . .

. . . and More!

Paddle Raises


Whether you call it a fund-a-need, a special appeal, a mission moment, a call to action, or a paddle raise, the answer is the same - you will raise more with a professional.  Parker Fundraising Services can offer you the professional Fundraising Ambassador you have been missing!    

Casino Nights


Casino Nights are very popular, but do you know how to raise the most money with them?  A professional Fundraising Ambassador could help. Parker Fundraising Services has the experience to help you avoid the legal pitfalls and to have a successful event! 

Dancing With the Stars


Need an emcee who can entertain the crowd, keep you on time and bring in the money?  Sounds like you need a Parker Fundraising Ambassador!  

Golf Tournaments


Are you maximizing all your revenue streams at your golf tournament?  Need some new ideas?  Want someone who can talk up your mission and ignite generosity?  Yep, that's a Fundraising Ambassador!

Small Donor Events


Growing in popularity, these are lower cost intimate events with for less than 100 guests where the primary focus is on mission and appeals.  To maximize your impact, include a Fundraising Ambassador.

Custom Events


Got an idea that hasn't been tried?   Would you like the advice of a professional who handles 30 or more a year?  Then pick up the phone and partner with you own Fundraising Ambassador!

Pro-Tip: Use a Fundraising Ambassador

What is a Fundraising Ambassador?

ambassador [amˈbasədər] NOUN 

  1. an accredited diplomat sent by a country as its official representative to a foreign country.
  2. a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity. "He is a good ambassador for the industry"

It takes more than an auction license to raise money.  It takes passion, life experience and a gift with words that create a giving atmosphere. We are all the sum of that which we have experienced..  A true Fundraising Ambassador is a professional who can embrace your mission and convey its importance to guests in a way that opens their wallets to your need.  A Fundraising Ambassador is an advocate for you and your mission.  A Fundraising Ambassador ignites generosity and creates an intense desire to give in a guest's heart.  

Logic makes you think, but emotion makes you act.  At Parker Fundraising Services, our Ambassadors have studied the art and the science of philanthropy in order to understand donor motivations and psychology.  We have been trained in the art of wordsmithing that kindles the giving emotion in a guest's heart.  If you want to raise more - retain a Parker Fundraising Ambassador!


Meet Our Fundraising Ambassadors


Michael Parker, BAS

Michael is the founder of Parker Benefit Auctions and grew up on a rural NC farm.  Michael joined his local rescue squad at 13 years old.  He is a three time State Junior First Aid Champion and a four time Heavy Rescue Champion.  Michael has a BS degree in Biology from NC State University and a JD degree form UNC Chapel Hill School of Law.  Michael is a retired homicide prosecutor and still consults with Laura Pettler and Associates on unsolved death investigations.  Michael is passionate about medical issues, fatherhood, responsibility, law enforcement, family values, educational issues, children, military service, rural life, history, preservation, conservation, crime victims, punishment and legal issues. 


Carol Parker, BAS

Carol grew up in Greensboro, NC and got her BS degree in Biology from UNC Chapel Hill, her Masters degree in Public Administration and did doctoral work in Adult Community College Education with an emphasis in Institutional Advancement at NC State University.  She is a mother of two boys that she homeschooled.  She taught biology at NCSU and at Union Pines High School.  Carol helps manage the family farm and BAM for Parker Benefit Auctions.  Carol is passionate about farming, environmental issues, family, religion, teaching, education, learning, care givers, homemakers, community and health issues.  


Matthew Parker, BAS, CAS

Matthew began managing the family farm at 13 after his grandfather died.  Matthew was homeschooled and was on a state champion Enviro-thon team.  He graduated valedictorian from Sandhills Community College and received the President's award at 17.  Matthew graduated first in his class from NC State University with a BS degree in Biological and Agricultural Engineering.  During his senior year, Matthew and his Sr. design team developed the patent pending "Pine Bine" to clean pinestraw and revitalize the Long Leaf Pine tree ecosystem.  Matt's team's company, Innovative Agricultural Technologies, LLC, won the 2020 Farm Bureau Entrepreneurs and Innovators Challenge's People's Choice award.  Currently, Matthew if first in his Campbell Law School class, holds two honors scholar positions in Constitutional Law and Contracts and writes on the Law Revenue.  Matthew is passionate about farming, mechanics, environmental issues, government, law, constitutional issues, business, entrepreneurial issues, education, community and learning.  

In short . . .

If you have a cause that needs a Fundraising Ambassador - Parker Fundraising Services has a Fundraising Ambassador for your cause!